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"A door had just opened, through which appeared a man already pastmiddle age, tall, thin, dressed in the extreme of fashion, andwearing long red whiskers falling over his chest.""The Baron de Thaller," murmured Maxence.

Mlle. Lucienne took no notice of the interruption.

"The attitude of the servants," she went on, "had made me easilyguess that he was the master. I was bowing to him, blushing andembarrassed, when, noticing me, he stopped short, shuddering fromhead to foot.

"Who are you?' he asked me roughly.

"I attributed his manner to the sad condition of my dress, whichappeared more miserable and more dilapidated still amid thesurrounding splendors; and, in a scarcely intelligible voice, I began,"'I am a poor girl, sir -'

"But he interrupted me.

"'To the point! What do you want?'

"'I am awaiting an answer, sir, to a request which I have justforwarded to the baroness.'

"What about?'

"'Once sir, I was run over in the street by the baroness's carriage:

I was severely wounded, and had to be taken to the hospital.'

"I fancied there was something like terror in the man's look.

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"It is you, then, who once before sent a long letter to my wife, inwhich you told the story of your life?'

"'Yes, sir, it was I.'

"'You stated in that letter that you had no parents, having beenleft by your mother with some gardeners at Louveciennes?'

"'That is the truth.'

"'What has become of these gardeners?'

"'They are dead.'

"'What was your mother's name?'