Is it true that the job helps online answer?

Is it true that the job helps online answer?

And so confident was he of the correctness of his calculations, thathe had insisted upon accompanying his old friend, so as to be onhand at the critical moment.

When the servant had opened the door to them, he had ordered her tointroduce M. de Villegre, stating that he would himself wait in thedining-room. This arrangement had not seemed entirely natural tothe girl; but so many strange things had happened in the house forthe past twenty-four hours, that she was prepared for any thing.

Besides recognizing Marius as the gentleman who had had a violentaltercation in the morning with M. Costeclar, she did as herequested, and, leaving him alone in the dining-room, went toattend to her duties.

He had taken a seat, impassive in appearance, but in realityagitated by that internal trepidation of which the strongest mencannot free themselves in the decisive moments of their life.

To a certain extent, the prospects of his whole life were to bedecided on the other side of that door which had just closed behindthe Count de Villegre. To the success of his love, other interestswere united, which required immediate success.

And, counting the seconds by the beatings of his heart,"How very slow they are!" he thought.

And so, when the door opened at last, and his old friend called him,he jumped to his feet, and collecting all his coolness andself-possession, he walked in.

Maxence had risen to receive him; but, when he saw him, he steppedback, his eyes glaring in utter surprise.

"Ah, great heavens!" he muttered in a smothered voice.

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But M. de Tregars seemed not to notice his stupor. Quiteself-possessed, notwithstanding his emotion, he cast a rapid glanceover the Count de Villegre, Mme. Favoral and Mlle. Gilberte. Attheir attitude, and at the expression of their countenance, heeasily guessed the point to which things had come.

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And, advancing towards Mme. Favoral, he bowed with an amount ofrespect which was certainly not put on.

"You have heard the Count de Villegre, madame," he said in aslightly altered tone of voice. " I am awaiting my fate."The poor woman had never before in all her life been so fearfullyperplexed. All these events, which succeeded each other so rapidly,had broken the feeble springs of her soul. She was utterly incapableof collecting her thoughts, or of taking a determination.

"At this moment, sir," she stammered, taken unawares, " it would beimpossible for me to answer you. Grant me a few days for reflection.

We have some old friends whom I ought to consult."But Maxence, who had got over his stupor, interrupted her.

"Friends mother!" he exclaimed. "And who are they? People in ourposition have no friends. What! when we are perishing, a man ofheart holds out his hand to us, and you ask to reflect? To mysister, who bears a name henceforth disgraced, the Marquis deTregar offers his name, and you think of consulting "The poor woman was shaking her head.

"I am not the mistress, my son," she murmured; "and your father - "My father! interrupted the young man, - "my father! What rightscan he have over us hereafter?" And without further discussion,without awaiting an answer, he took his sister's hand, and,placing it in M. de Tregar's hand,"Ah! take her, sir," he uttered. "Never, whatever she may do, willshe acquit the debt of eternal gratitude which we this day contracttowards you."A tremor that shook their frames, a long look which they exchanged,betrayed alone the feelings of Marius and Mlle. Gilberte. They hadof life a too cruel experience not to mistrust their joy.

Returning to Mme. Favoral,"You do not understand, madame," he went on, "why I should haveselected for such a step the very moment when an irreparable calamitybefalls you. One word will explain all. Being in a position toserve you, I wished to acquire the right of doing so."Fixing upon him a look in which the gloomiest despair could be read,"Alas!" stammered the poor woman, "what can you do for me, sir? Mylife is ended. I have but one wish left, - that of knowing wheremy husband is hid. It is not for me to judge him. He has not givenme the happiness which I had, perhaps, the right to expect; but heis my husband, he is unhappy: my duty is to join him wherever he maybe, and to share his sufferings."She was interrupted by the servant, who was calling her at theparlor-door, "Madame, madame!""What is the matter?" inquired Maxence.