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「T-That can’t be true! I’m sure you’ve got it hidden here somewhere. Oh right, it’s around your chest!」

「No. How am I supposed to take out the cards which are hidden near the chest?」

Taking out cards from the chest area while deceiving the eyes of your opponent is next to impossible.

「T-That’s… There’s no point in arguing about it!」

And she thoroughly started searching if I had any hidden cards from my chest to my stomach, and both pockets at the end.

But there was nothing.

No matter how much she looks for it, it is impossible to find anything there.

「Are you done?」

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「No way… Did he really hit it by chance? No, that’s impossible! The probability of Royal Straight Flush aligning even once in your lifetime is astronomical…」the president mumbled, as her face turned pale.

「Excuse me… I’m feeling a little cold. Can I roll down my sleeves now?」

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「N-No! If I take my eyes off of Allen-kun for even a second, I know you’re going to cheat right away!」

「Haa… But you didn’t find anything like that at all.」I sighed.

「Urgh! Oh, now I understand! It wasn’t on your body, but it was in this!」the president exclaimed, turning toward the deck of cards on the desk.「I don’t know how you did it, but I’ll do this!」

She performed a riffle shuffle and carefully cut the deck over and over again.

「Fufufufu… Now your set-up has completely disappeared! Even If it’s Allen-kun, there’s nothing you can do anymore!」

The president pointed at me with a triumphant look.

「Haa… So, can I start?」

「Yes, of course. The real game starts from here on!」