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My retort stunned Chiaki-san.

I slowly let go of her hand.

“Also, the most important thing is that…”

I brought on a slightly cunning conclusion to convince her.

“After this competition, we can at least be sure that Amano-kun can be ‘truly happy.’ Don’t you think…this is the best ending for us as well? We both love him, right.”

It’s been 10 minutes since I talked to Chiaki-san and when she accepted my reasoning.

It’s not good to overstay my visit. So, even though I don’t want to leave yet, I still prepared to go home. “Right-“ Chiaki-san maintained her pose on the bed and said.

“I wasn’t paying attention when I was talking about Keita with you. But, …did Uehara-kun and Aguri-chan broke up because of the same reason?”

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“Eh? Oh, ..well, …hmm…”

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I started putting on my scarf as I replied Chiaki-san with a vague smile.

“I think so, …but it’s hard to say. Like what I’ve said before, Uehara-kun and I didn’t agree that we’ll break up with our lovers together in advance. Perhaps he has his own reasons.”

“Right. …Uh, can I ask how did things go for the two of them?”

Chiaki-san asked worriedly. …Jeez, this girl is the kindest person ever.

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Although I can’t help but chuckle, I stilled stopped putting on my scarf and answered her.

“Well, for Uehara-kun, …hmm, I guess he’s just the same. Even though I didn’t talk to him directly, I saw that he’s still messing with his friends in-class cheerfully as they walked.”