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Online hottest multi-makeup platform

(I want that sword – that power!)

As I turned my envious gaze towards the true Black Sword,

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「Oi, Oi, aren’t you gonna assume your stance? E”e?」

That guy was standing with the Black Sword raised overhead just before my nose tip.

I immediately held my sword horizontally and tried to defend his downswing.

But his 『True Black Sword』 cut through my 『pseudo-black sword』 as if slicing through tofu.

「Ga, ha…」

A big sword wound ran across my chest, and my broken blade rolled at my feet.

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「Ha”a, I get a little serious and this is how you end up. As usual, you’re weak! Are you making sure to eat well, E”e?」

I slowly collapsed as his provocations reached my ears. My blood spread across the dry earth.

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As pain and anguish enveloped my body,

「Fufu, fu…」

Feeling of joy sprung up in my heart.

「Bastard… The hell is so funny after being cut?!」

「Nah, I was just thinking that… I’ve gotten stronger to the point where you have to pull out the Black Sword. Thinking that… made me really happy.」