Make money on the college students

Make money on the college students

“Er... do you have any other questions? I can answer them all.”

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Tang Yishu had wanted to say that there were no other questions, but she suddenly recalled Pei Qian’s instructions before she left. She quickly said, “I want to ask, how’s your work efficiency?”

“Work efficiency?” Xi Hao answered immediately. “Of course, the work efficiency is very, very high!”

“Our administrative department helped the producers solve their worries so that they could focus on designing the gameplay. Since it is their interest and the most creative work of every game designer is fully unleashed...”

Xi Hao finally found a suitable place for himself to express himself and began to talk.

His words were slightly exaggerated but that was actually not much of a problem. The incubation base had indeed provided an environment for independent game designers to create with peace of mind. It had greatly increased their work efficiency. This was the consensus of all game designers.

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Xi Hao explained his point of view in detail and used various details to prove that the incubation base was very efficient.

He noticed that Tang Yishu had been listening intently the entire time. She kept nodding, obviously moved by his words.

Xi Hao could not help but feel a little proud. After all, he was the person-in-charge of the administrative department.

Shouldn’t he be praised?

However, after listening to Xi Hao, Tang Yishu said, “It sounds like there are serious problems with your daily workflow.”

“In the future, force all employees to take ten hours of working time each week to play games. That must be during working hours and cannot take up the rest time after work.”

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“Huh?” Xi Hao uttered in surprise.

He almost thought that he had heard wrongly.

Why did high efficiency indicate serious problems with daily workflow?