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“What’s your name?”

The man finally felt that something was amiss. He looked wary. “You... What are you trying to do?”

If Pei Qian was a few decades older, this guy might have thought that he was going to introduce a marriage partner to him.

But now...

Could he have met a human trafficker?

He was very clear about his objective conditions. He had been beaten up in real life for more than ten years since he was young. Otherwise, he would not have become so introverted.

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In the end, this guy said that he had “great potential”?

He was most likely a cheat!

Pei Qian smiled slightly. “Don’t distribute flyers anymore. Come work under me. I’ll give you a much higher salary than this.”

This young man sized up Pei Qian with a skeptical look.

He instinctively felt that this matter was not reliable. However, he did not feel like Pei Qian was lying looking at his dressing and the confidence in his every move.

Real estate agents and financial elites wore suits and ties, but the suits worn by real estate agents were completely different from those worn by financial elites.

Perhaps he was moved by Pei Qian’s aura, or perhaps he was dissatisfied with the current situation and could not wait to seize every possible opportunity. The man hesitated for a moment before saying, “Are you serious? How much can you give me?”

Pei Qian pondered for a moment. “How much is your salary now?”

The young man said, “I’m now earning 80 yuan per day.”

Giving out flyers was a physical job that did not require much skill, so the salary was definitely not high. Generally, there were people who gave out flyers based on the number of flyers, people who paid according to the hour, and people who paid based on the number of days.

A salary of 80 yuan per day meant that he would only be able to get 2,400 yuan per month even if he were to distribute flyers for 30 days. Even though that was a low figure, it was still within a reasonable range in a second-tier city like Jingzhou. Many people were still willing to do it.

Pei Qian said, “I’m not sure how I’m going to pay you, but the base salary should be at least three times more than what you’re earning in a month.”

He did not want to speak too confidently and was a little conservative.