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“That’s because- I thought it would create unnecessary trouble if I didn’t. Please explain why you’ve done that.”

“Ichinose already said it. Kaneda won the lottery, and decided to choose Class B. Basically, no matter what I did, the end result would not have changed.”

“I want to know this: why would you try to challenge Class A without my permission?”

“Because I thought our best chance of winning came from opposing Class A.”

“But wouldn’t fighting against Kaneda or Ryuuen would give us better odds?”

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“If we were drawn against Class D, the probability of us losing like Class B did would be very high. We only have Sudo and you who can put up a fight against them.”

“That’s only because you know the outcome now. No matter what, Class D was the best choice at the time.”

Her voice seemed closer now, as she took a step towards me.

But she didn’t get too close.

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“Was anything I said wrong?”

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“No. Indeed, drawing Class A was the worst outcome. I can’t deny that.”

“Let’s put aside the fact that you completely ignored my orders. What was your reason for wanting to fight against Class A?”

Even though she knew that I acted alone to get us to fight against Class A, she still didn’t know the reason.

“What do you think? Why would I go out of my way to set this up? Can you guess?”

I tried to ask back. Although this was a question which she wouldn’t be able to correctly answer.

She didn’t know about my relationship with Sakayagani, and she didn’t know anything about the white room. There was no way she could answer that.

“If I go by the data and try to reach an answer through that…then the only answer would be what you said, the “best chance of winning” was against Class A. But what about Class B and D? Why were they ruled out? Well, we can exclude Class B first.”

Even if we didn’t deliberately plan out our moves with them, we still had a cooperative relationship with Class B.

The probability of Ichinose betraying us and targeting our class in the exam was extremely low.