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“Ehhh, Chiaki-san?”

“…Ughh, K…Karen…-san.”

“Yes, very good.”

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Hoshinomori became deflated and greeted her usually. Even so, her eyes are still filled with hazeless admiration towards Tendou, … wholly convinced. If Hoshinomori is a puppy, the respect and fondness in her eyes are perhaps enough to break her tails by twisting too much.

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Just as Aguri and I are still enjoying this unexpected outcome, someone…Keita Amano is spectating the two girls sulkily.

“Tch, …I’m supposed to be the only loyal dog that follows around Tendou-san…!”

What kind of repulsion is that? Even though I can feel that he’s filled with love, but is that right for a boyfriend? I’m seriously baffled, Amano. The name-calling part should be the troublesome one, right. Why are you trying to be a loyal dog?

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The two annoying loyal dogs stuck themselves on Tendou. So, she sighed as if it’s seriously frustrating her before turning to me.

“But I didn’t expect Uehara-kun and Amano-kun to be in different groups. I thought you two will end up together, no matter what…”

I answered Tendou-san with a bitter smile.

“Yeah. However, even if Amano’s in my group, this still feels pretty awkward. I should say he will probably feel that he doesn’t belong. While it’s weird for me to say this, but a close friend having a good time with others should make you feel somewhat…l-lonely?”

Although I put it a bit too vaguely, Amano, who’s ears are still as sharp as always, immediately corrected me.

“Yep, I think I’ll be ‘jealous’ if Uehara-kun played happily with other guys when I’m next to him!”

“Phrasing! I can’t believe you’re saying that in front of your girlfriend!”

“It’s because this is a fact, I can’t help it! I don’t, nor I want to hide this feeling!”

“You’re still just as manly! But you’re showing it at the absolutely worst time possible!”