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Pei Qian: “...”

This efficiency was really fast.

Pei Qian had wanted to ask if there was any way to salvage the situation. However, he had not expected the contract to be signed. Pei Qian thought about it carefully. Due to the spirit of a contract. It did not make sense for him to not let them continue with the broadcast now.

After a moment of silence, Pei Qian said, “Alright, that’s all for now. I’m hanging up.”

Pei Qian did not expect these young lecturers and scholars to appear so quickly on Bunny Tail Live-Stream and with such good results even though he had forewarning!

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If these people only came a week or even a month after Bunny Tail’s live-stream officially started, then Bunny Tail’s live-stream would not be popular anymore. Naturally, not many people would watch it, and it would not have any serious impact.

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However, these people had coincidentally started to lecture when Bunny Tail’s live-stream had just started. In particular, there was a big boss like Professor Kong Zhemin holding the fort. In an instant, everyone had labeled Bunny Tail’s live-stream as a ‘professional learning platform’. It could not be erased!

One careless move made a very far-reaching impact.

However, after some thought, Pei Qian realized that there was no better solution.

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He could only say that the beginning of Bunny Tail’s live-stream had exceeded his expectations. It had obtained a certain amount of attention and popularity through its differentiation from other live-stream platforms. However, could this popularity continue? Pei Qian felt that it probably would not.

Most of the viewers were probably looking for something new. After all, it was rare to have lectures on a live-stream platform.

Once these people’s short attention span were over, they would definitely return to other live-stream platforms to watch gaming live-streams and beautiful women dancing.

At that thought, Pei Qian felt that while the opening of Bunny Tail Live-Stream was not going well, it was not to the point of no return. He had to continue observing before making a decision.

At the very least, Bunny Tail’s live-stream was only popular at the moment and definitely not profitable.

That was because Bunny Tail’s live-stream cost too much, including bandwidth fees, employee salary, salary for these young lecturers and scholars... In terms of income, there was only that little bit of gift money, and most of it had to be distributed to the live streamers.