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Then, if it’s so miserable, perhaps you might ask why don’t I just end the match quickly? However, …the terrible part is that I already don’t have the ‘right’ to do so anymore.

That’s what we call cunning.

-A competition has to provide both risk and reward.

That’s the mindset of this Main Fushiguro lady. …An attitude that brings nothing but troubles to others.

However, Main-san didn’t rob anything from Mii. From her view, it seems to because “Mii’s ownership already belongs to me.” …What a shocking theory.

Also, that “almost” applies to her cousin Aguri-san as well. The reason that I said almost…is because she’s not totally out of it like Mii. Aguri-san has a 30%!c(MISSING)hance of having something randomly robbed from her.

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The result of being robbed of her “temperature adjustment right” is that she’s forced to wear her coat in the house. Her face is devoid of pride. I gave my friend a sympathetic look.

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…Well, even though I’m not much better since I lose something every time I was defeated. However, Aguri-san seems to feel upset because Main-san gets to decide whether she will be “robbed” or “released.”

As a result, Aguri-san has to abandon her carefree attitude and be forced to obey. The relationship is a bit twisted for normal cousins.

“By the way, Mom is the strongest.”

“Ha, don’t say something that’s clearly true. Mii, -1 point.”

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Mii was shocked as she fell onto the sofa. …While I feel sorry for her, she looks quite adorable.

Ah, as for the real relationship between Mii and Main-san, just as expected, they are siblings instead of mother-child. Their age difference is greater.

It’s just that their mother seems to have eloped after giving birth to Mii. Main-san, who’s a couple years older, is definitely playing the “onee-san mother” role. …So, I think she especially pays attention to “ownership” because of that, …or not. Personally, I would vote for her natural demonic personality.


So, when we tried our best to fall into memories and escape reality, Main-san urged us to continue impatiently.

“Let’s go, Amako, Gurisuke. It’s time for the next match.”