The safest communication software online

The safest communication software online

“【Great Demon Smash!】”

A left smash. I swung off with enough power to blow the opponent’s neck off. But……

“Kakka…… I was shocked… amazing, brother.”

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Did he see through it? Did I make too big of a swing? Bro avoided my fist by slightly shifting his upper body to the back.

Instead, my fist shattered the cigarette that Bro was holding in his mouth.

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But that’s not the end.

“【Great Demon Overhand!】”

The full swing in pursuit of his face again……

“【Arcane True Zenith Zinga Step!】”

“…… Huh?”

The moment I thought about it, did Bro drop his hips and avoid my full swing with a unique step that swayed side to side while defending his face?

No, it’s different.

“He didn’t avoid it… I couldn’t perceive it?”

『…… Zinga!? This man… why that step? Certainly not…』

“Who is this guy really? A man like this, unknown to the Empire…… Why?”

It was something I’ve never seen before either, having learned a lot of steps in ladder training.

Involuntarily, Bro went outside the range of my fist at that chance.

But he’s not moving fast enough. I was a little taken aback, but I shouldn’t be confused with my speed, my visual acuity, and my peripheral vision…