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“Damn, seaweeds like you shouldn’t hit your legs, understand? It’ll be a problem for the restaurant. Also, you should just drink salt water when you finished your beverage. You’re a seaweed, anyway.”

“In reverse, you’re treating me ridiculously! Honestly, I’m about to cry!”

“Sorry, Chiaki. But think about it, it’s better to achieve a balance in life.”

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“If you’re achieving a balance, please refrain from treating Aguri-san too nicely! Why do you have to adjust by acting so rudely to me!”

“…Uh, it’s because you’re a seaweed, after all.”

“Hey, that’s the first time in my life that I wanted to stab someone severely before.”

Chiaki didn’t say that she wanted to murder people, that feels horrible.

I exhaled before moving back to the topic.

“Alright, Chiaki. We’ll stop messing around here. Sit down, I’ll grab your drink as well. What do you want to drink?”

“Eh? W-Well, I want orange juice…”


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After I answered, I went to the drink bar familiarly and got both of the drinks.

Waiting for me in the seat, Chiaki grabbed her juice with both hands and even nodded at me to express her gratitude.

“T-Thank you…”