Which platform is made from online typing?

Which platform is made from online typing?

That seems to be the biggest factor behind Horikita changing her mind. However, that is correct. There is a limit to fighting alone in solitude. From now on too, one can expect many small trials from society that one cannot fight against alone.

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"But even so, you successfully managed to escape Ryuuen-kun's grip".

Unlike Horikita's team, Karuizawa who was the 'target' of a different group, brilliantly managed to overcome the exam without having her identity be discovered. The indirect benefits that brought to Class D are by no means small.

"Well, I suppose. I have a surprisingly good poker face. Right, Yousuke-kun?".

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Clinging to Hirata's arm, Karuizawa smiled with upturned eyes. It was almost unbelievable that the relationship between those two had once soured. It's beyond my interest whether or not this is just an act or not though.

"It was because before Ryuuen could answer, someone else gave the wrong answer after all. It was thanks to that".

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But since when did she start calling Hirata by his first name?......Yousuke. I'd like to call him that too for a bit but it's impossible. Hirata and Karuizawa, it may be a new relationship created from the complicated situation between those two. Hirata returned Karuizawa's smile, then turned towards Horikita.

"I have a proposal to make, would that be ok?".

In response to Hirata's proposal, Horikita persisted in remaining silent without answering. It's an expression of her intention of wanting him to speak.

"Firstly, in order to bring the class together as one I'd like to bring Kushida-san into the fold. I think she will be able to supplement the four of us in parts we cannot compensate for. Starting with Ike-kun and Yamauchi-kun, there are few people capable of bringing the majority of the boys together as one, you see".

Indeed, it may very well be that the one qualified to rein in the students of that sort is Kushida. However, I don't know whether or not Horikita will easily greenlight that. From enrollment up until now, the relationship between those two was constantly bad.

"Unnecessary. I won't deny it in the sense that she is capable of controlling them, but it's something we can do on our own. For that purpose, I've reached out to you and Karuizawa-san. If the two of you will lend your power, then this problem can be beaten. It may be a different story if you prove uncooperative like a certain someone though".

She looked at me with a side glance. What a rude person.