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“Huh? What was that?”

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I was confused since I have no idea.

Mizumi-kun looked at Chiaki and me for a couple of times. …Finally, he mumbled. “Tendou-san, I’m sorry…” After that, he told us this with an incredibly awkward face.

“Uh, …I was thinking, can Hoshinomori-san visit Amano-kun’s home and play video games together…”


…Another pair of boy and girl that’s standing with an incredibly awkward face next to the game store.

“W-Well, e-excuse me.”

“P-P-Please come in…”

A nervous and stiff-looking girl is invited into the boy’s home, who’s just as stiff and anxious.

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…This hellish scene went live an hour after we separated from Mizumi-kun.

Of course, after he suggested we continue our date at my house, Chiaki and I immediately rejected the idea vehemently.

Then, 10 minutes after we bid farewell to Mizumi-kun and finished touring the game store, …we remained in the “silent” state. …We realized it when we kept walking.

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Currently, we can’t think of a happy “dating plan” at all aside from that.

Come to think of it, it’s way too sly for him to suggest that “we play games at home.” It’s because that’s like…inviting a Japanese, who stays overseas all the time, into my house and give him salted rice ball as dinner. The mouth, the tongue, …and brain will be unable to think of anything “aside from that" option

In the end, I was defeated by my desires and invited Chiaki. “Do you…want to come to my house?” She answered. “It can’t be helped! Yeah, it really can’t be helped!” She agreed especially enthusiastically with an “it can’t be helped.” In the end, we adapted Mizumi-kun’s suggestion gladly.

However, even so, as soon as we got close to my home, Chiaki started getting nervous unavoidably. I started trembling when I saw her look too, and it all entered a vicious cycle. At last, both of us entered Amano’s house while as we complained exhaustingly. “Why did it go like this…”

I explained to Chiaki once again as she’s still dragging her feet to take off her shoes.