How to stabilize your mindset online

How to stabilize your mindset online

At once, all the members’ grins disappeared. Now, they looked like they were facing a formidable enemy.

They had still been chatting and laughing earlier, thinking that they would easily be able to win even with four against five. However, now they realized that they had been too optimistic!

Huang Wang immediately stopped his three other teammates. “We have to quickly discuss our strategy.” From the other side, Team Leader Su saw the entire series of events and became very confused.

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What? Has Coach Ma gone to warm up?

Judging from how professional Coach Ma was and how he could become the special tactical coach of such a strong team, Team Leader Su guessed that he was at least a Grand Master.

Would they still try their best, seeing how strong the opposite side was?

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Weren’t the skills supposed to be balanced?

Yet, Team Leader Su felt too ashamed to ask. The other parties had already said that they wanted to balance the skills out, and so they would have to play a match to see the results!

The doors to both private rooms closed.

Obviously, the six team members outside were in no mood to train on their own. Every one of them felt apprehensive inside. That was because it was going to be their turn soon!

Zhang Yuan continued waiting outside, his expression extremely worried because he feared that the team members would feel so high that they forgot about Boss Ma.

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After ten minutes, Jiang Yuan leaned his ear against the door to listen to what was going on inside. He could hear faint voices inside the private room.

“Escape first, escape first. It’s not stable. Don’t fight, don’t fight!”