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「Fuun, Allen Rodore. If he’s such a great talent, should we butter up to him…?」

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Thor, who trusted Zack’s aesthetics in her own way, was beginning to seriously think of a way to make up with Allen.

「Zahaha, I wonder if that’s possible. Well, come to think of it, how was things on your end? Did you win against Black Fist?」

「HAA? Obviously Not! In the first place, it’s impossible to win over a transcendent. I tucked my tail between my legs and immediately ran away.」

Thor said so without any shame.

From her point of view, simply surviving the battle with Black Fist Leia Lasnode was a victory.

There’s no way they could win in the first place. That’s why they split up.

「Fumu, to be able to escape from Black Fist… Did you use that thing?」

「Ou, I threw『Copy of Leia』and『My Copy』and ran away. It’s dangerous to think that there is only『one』soul dress, isn’t it?」

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Saying so, Thor took out two daggers.

〈Mimic Art〉is an extremely rare two-bladed soul dress.

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The only person who knows this is Zack, due to their years of working together as a pair.

「As usual, you use sly methods…」

「You can say whatever you want, my creed is『surviving is winning』.」

As they finished sharing information,