Hunan online earning platform

Hunan online earning platform

“...... No, I didn’t mean that... Or rather, your voice is loud.”

Machio also smiled wryly at my reply.

However, it was unavoidable.

No other description came to mind.

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And maybe they heard my voice, the dude who will make me vomit later, and five shits who are only biologically women.

I looked away.

“Hey, you! I can hear you!”

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“Yeah. I meant for you to hear me. A bunch of obnoxious mass-produced waste of space!”


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One of the angry-faced shits yelled at me... one shit.

And the moment I talked back, there was always a “dude” that would be shaken up until it became ugly later...

“You! What did you say... to the people I care about?”

“Didn’t you hear me? Then, one more time ――― “

“Shut ――――”

“You shut up!!”


“I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna shut up today. And I won’t back down, I can’t give in.”

Usually, this guy would threaten the other party by stomping the ground and the walls with a sharp “Shut up”, but for the first time, I charged back at him.

And he’s surprised at my defiance, as I’ve always done as I’m told, they all were.