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"'Where do you want to go?' Amanda asked me.

'Why, to Mabille, to dance a quadrille, or two.'


'Because M. Vincent does not wish you to go out at night.'

'We'll see about that!'

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The next day, I tell all this to M. Vincent; and he says that Amandais right; that it is not proper for a woman in my position tofrequent balls; and that, if I want to go out at night, I can stay.

Get out! I tell you what, if it hadn't been for the fine carriage,and all that, I would have cleared out that minute. Any way, Ibecame disgusted from that moment, and have been more and more eversince; and, if M. Vincent had not himself left, I certainly would.""To go where?""Anywhere. Look here, now! do you suppose I need a man to supportme! No, thank Heaven! Little Zelie, here present, has only toapply to any dressmaker, and she'll be glad to give her four francsa day to run the machine. And she'll be free, at least; and she canlaugh and dance as much as she likes."M. de Tregars had made a mistake: he had just discovered it.

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Mme. Zelie Cadelle was certainly not particularly virtuous; but shewas far from being the woman he expected to meet.

"At any rate," he said, "you did well to wait patiently.""I do not regret it.""If you can keep this house -"She interrupted him with a great burst of laughter.

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"This house!" she exclaimed. "Why, it was sold long ago, with everything in it, - furniture, horses, carriages, every thing except me.

A young gentleman, very well dressed, bought it for a tall girl, wholooks like a goose, and has far over a thousand francs of red hair onher head.".

"Are you sure of that?""Sure as I live, having seen with my own eyes the young swell andhis red-headed friend counting heaps of bank-notes to M. Vincent.

They are to move in day after to-morrow; and they have invited meto the house-warming. But no more of it for me, I thank you! Iam sick and tired of all these people. And the proof of it is, Iam busy packing my things; and lots of them I have too, - dresses,underclothes, jewelry. He was a good-natured fellow, old Vincentwas, anyhow. He gave me money enough to buy some furniture. Ihave hired a small apartment; and I am going to set up dress-makingon my own hook. And won't we laugh then! and won't we have somefun to make up for lost time! Come, my children, take your placesfor a quadrille. Forward two!"And, bouncing out of her chair, she began sketching out one ofthose bold cancan steps which astound the policemen on duty in theball-rooms.

"Bravo!" said M. de Tregars, forcing himself to smile, - "bravo!"He saw clearly now what sort of woman was Mme. Zelie Cadelle; howhe should speak to her, and what cords he might yet cause to vibratewithin her. He recognized the true daughter of Paris, wayward andnervous, who in the midst of her disorders preserves an instinctivepride; who places her independence far above all the money in theworld; who gives, rather than sells, herself; who knows no law buther caprice, no morality but the policeman, no religion but pleasure.

As soon as she had returned to her seat,"There you are dancing gayly," he said, "and poor Vincent isdoubtless groaning at this moment over his separation from you.""Ah! I'd pity him if I had time," she said.