what is money management

what is money management

Also, Chiaki’s staring at something with tears in her eyes, …the series of light novels filled with moe illustrations in her hands which she’s totally uninterested.

“…Konoha, why…”

“W-Why did you bother to ask why…”

Konoha-san quickly died down. …I get it, Konoha-san. I can tell that’s a famous light novel written by the director of hentai games. Actually, she wanted to share it with a partner like me. I get it. While I do understand, …how did you not consider the possibility that your sister, the girl that hates moe elements the most, will receive it in the slightest!?

Moreover, Konoha-san is holding a leather wallet in her hand with a confused look.

“…I’m not too fond of this wallet…”

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“I-I didn’t mean to give it to you! I picked that because I think Tasuku likes it!”

“Why! We said that this is a present exchange, right! Isn’t it more possible for people other than him to get it!?”

“Yeah, …you’re right! But everyone can use a wallet! From this perspective, …what the hell am I supposed to do with this!”

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“Professional game controller. It’s for the latest console that was just released.”

Tendou-san answered calmly. Aguri-san immediately started bickering with her tearfully.

“But, I don’t even have that console!”

“It’s okay. Uh, please just enjoy the feeling of holding a controller made for your hands.”

“I can’t! You’re way too biased! Can’t I just exchange this with someone else!?”