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How to make money using the online answer

Favoral carefully stored away in her memory.

There was one especially, who seemed to inspire him with a profoundrespect, a boundless admiration, and of whom he never tired oftalking. He was, said he, a man of his age, - M. de Thaller, theBaron de Thaller.

"This one," he kept repeating, "is really mad: he is rich, he hasideas, he'll go far. It would be a great piece of luck if I couldget him to do something for me!"Until at last one day:

"Your parents were very rich once.?" he asked his wife.

"I have heard it said," she answered.

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"They spent a good deal of money, did they not? They had friends:

they gave dinner-parties.""Yes, they received a good deal of company.""You remember that time?""Surely I do.""So that if I should take a fancy to receive some one here, someone of note, you would know how to do things properly?""I think so."He remained silent for a moment, like a man who thinks before takingan important decision, and then:

"I wish to invite a few persons to dinner," he said. She couldscarcely believe her ears. He had never received at his table anyone but a fellow-clerk at the factory, named Desclavettes, who hadjust married the daughter of a dealer in bronzes, and succeeded tohis business.

"Is it possible?" exclaimed Mme. Favoral.

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"So it is. The question is now, How much would a first-class dinnercost, the best of every thing?""That depends upon the number of guests.""Say three or four persons."The poor woman set herself to figuring diligently for some time;and then timidly, for the sum seemed formidable to her:

"I think," she began, "that with a hundred francs "Her husband commenced whistling.

"You'll need that for the wines alone;' he interrupted. "Do youtake me for a fool? But here, don't let us go into figures. Do asyour parents did when they did their best; and, if it's well, Ishall not complain of the expense. Take a good cook, hire a waiterwho understands his business well."She was utterly confounded; and yet she was not at the end of hersurprises.