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“What’s wrong?”

“This person… who is it~……?”

“Hmm? That I don’t know, so what I’m going to do is…”

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“You can tell just by seeing normally… this person… is quite strong~…?”

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Elder sis Tsukshi, whose cheeks sweated slightly, evaluated the woman who was there.

It’s a mistake, right?

After all, she’s there…

“Good morning… that…… I’m sorry for inconveniencing you in the morning.”

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A woman I’m familiar with, who has been with me since I was born.


There she was, Sadiz who I didn’t expect to see in the first place.



“What? Are you acquainted?”

Eh? Why? Why is Sadiz? Acquainted? Not just an acquaintance… eh?

That? I, had to run away, but, oh, memory?