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“Shenhua Corporation is huge. I think Old Master Lin can fork out a huge sum of money to establish a Shenhua games department!”

“That way, Lin Wan would be able to fulfill her dreams. The Old Master’s goal of letting Lin Wan inherit the family business would also be achieved. Shenhua Corporation would also be able to take the opportunity to expand their business. Killing three birds with one stone. Why not?”

Pei Qian felt that what he said made so much sense that he was almost convinced.

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Lin Chang hesitated for a moment. “This... To be honest, Boss Pei, I’ve already met Ah Wan before we came to eat.”

“Ah Wan thinks that even though she has made some achievements now, most of the credit does not belong to her. On one hand, the general direction that you set is more critical. On the other hand, her subordinates are working hard together. She is only playing the role of coordination.”

“Therefore, if we ask Ah Wan to go back and take charge of Shenhua’s games department, she would probably reject us...”

Pei Qian: “...”

Lin Wan was a good person. The only problem was that she was not confident!

It was all Lin Wan’s credit, but she insisted on pushing it to Boss Pei. That was too much!

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There was an awkward silence.

However, Pei Qian obviously did not want to give up just like that. It was not easy for Old Master Lin’s attitude to change. If he did not send Lin Wan away now, when would he?

Every day that Lin Wan stayed in Shang Yang Games meant more risk!

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Pei Qian’s brain worked furiously as he quickly thought of an excellent plan.

“Boss Lin, I have an idea.”

“Shenhua Corporation and Tengda are establishing strategic cooperation.”

“Shenhua Corporation should establish a gaming department. Lin Wan will go back and take charge. Shenhua’s gaming department and Shang Yang Games will jointly develop the game. If the game is successfully developed, we will split the money. If it fails, we will bear the losses together.”

“What do you think?”

Lin Chang was stunned for a moment. “Er... that sounds alright. The key is, can Ah Wan agree to it? She always feels that she’s not capable enough and that she was worried about being in charge of a department.”

Pei Qian smiled. “On one hand, she’ll be working with Shang Yang Games. She’s not fighting alone; the risks are controllable. On the other hand, I can reason with her and move her emotions.”