Now there is no need to invest in what to make money online.

Now there is no need to invest in what to make money online.

“It’s not just you. All the employees on the platform have to remember this.”

“As for why… don’t ask for now. You’ll understand in the future.”

Pei Qian had thought about how to cut off the connection between the new industry and Tengda for a long time.

Tengda’s funds had to enter these industries.

It would be easier to be exposed if it was a fully-funded subsidiary, but what if it was a company that Dream Realization Ventures invested in?

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That would be relatively easy to hide!

For example, Che Rong’s Star Bird Fitness and other companies that Dream Realization Ventures had invested in… Most people would not regard them as Tengda departments.

After all, Dream Realization Ventures was not picky about investing. There were too many companies that they had invested in, and there was no lack of companies that performed averagely.

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Wouldn’t it greatly reduce the risk of being discovered if he hid the new industry in Dream Realization Ventures?

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If he were to deliberately instruct all his employees to keep it a secret, just like Qiu Hong’s Destitution Plan back then, the chances of being discovered would be further reduced.

TPDb was a hidden danger. After all, it had an employee entrance that could be found by Tengda’s various departments. However, it would not appear on TPDb’s website if it was not a fully-funded subsidiary.

There were no websites like Tian Yan Cha. It would be very difficult for ordinary netizens to dig out the relationship between Zhaolu Games and Tengda Corporation without asking.