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Keisei seemed to understand this well enough.

We arrived at the cafe. After everyone finished ordering their drinks, Haruka broke the ice.

“I think Yamauchi-kun is a really good choice for our censure votes. Well, rather, I totally don’t think there’s any other option.”

“No objections here, but what about our other two votes?”

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“Isn’t it, like, fine to vote for the people who’re still supporting him?”

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“Won’t there be a huge drop in the number of his supporters now that it’s been made public that he’s got connections with Sakayanagi? Even Ike and Sudō weren’t bold enough to say anything to defend him.”

“Yeah, but since they’re his friends, I feel like they’ll cast him a praise vote out of sympathy.”

Haruka’s prediction was probably correct.

Even though he’d been branded a traitor, Yamauchi had only taken action to protect himself.

From another perspective, it could be said that he had simply been taken advantage of by Sakayanagi. It’s not like there was no room for sympathy.

Horikita was the one who had incited all the hate for Yamauchi… Well… No, I had been the one behind that.

Yamauchi was the mastermind, and Sakayanagi was the one pulling the strings behind him.

I informed the elder Horikita about everything, and had him relay the information to his sister.

If, by any chance, she hadn’t taken action, I would have just done the same thing she had done myself.

“I wonder how many censure votes Kiyotaka is actually gonna get? Out of the boys, there’s Yamauchi along with Ike and Sudō, and beyond those three, Hondō, Ijuin, Miyamoto, and Sotomura all seem to be on fairly good terms with him.”

There only seemed to be seven censure votes from the boys in the class.

“What about the girls?”

“I have no doubts that Horikita-san will cast a praise vote for Kiyotaka-kun and a censure vote for Yamauchi-kun. I don’t know what the other girls are gonna do though… Do you know Airi?”