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Tendo Karen

“Tendo-san, please—”

As Amano-kun started to talk with such an earnest look, I went over everything that had happened since yesterday.

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Misumi-kun saw how coldly I rejected a confession and admonished me about how I was using my facade, then I tried it on Hoshinomori-san.

“(First, reply with my honest feelings. Then, don’t immediately say a rejection…)”

Ever since then, I’ve been constantly telling myself that.

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“(It’s wrong to immediately reject someone I just met like I always do. He… Amano-kun is one of the people I respect the most. These are his words. Even if this is his rejection of me. I… have the obligation to reply to his words from the bottom of my heart without a facade.)”

I resolved myself. Looking determined as well, he started to talk again.

“Tendo-san, please—”

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This is just right. Following my beliefs of “not starting with a a rejection” and “replying with my honest feelings”, I cut into his words slightly as I responded with a positive reply.


Amano Keita