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I swallowed because I remembered what happened last time…In reality, this club is so serious that it can put a sports club to shame. These people are burning their youth here, …there’s no point for them to invite a sucker who rejected the invitation once here to visit again.

Even so, I still made up my mind in front of Tendou-san and mustered up my courage to bear their xenophobic glares-

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“Welcome to the Game Club.”


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-Then, I was greeted unexpectedly warmly. I can’t help but let out a sigh in relief. Once I took a good look…I finally realized that everyone in the Game Club is looking at me gently, way different than what I’ve imagined.


I’m freaking out since this is far off from my imagination.

Uh, let’s forget about my friend Mizumi-kun first, …even Kase-senpai and Oiso-senpai stopped playing and smiled at me. I can only say that this is unexpected.

Just as I’m frozen, Tendou-san helped to explain with a bitter smile.

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“Amano-kun, please don’t feel disgusted. Despite senpai looking like that, they’re just trying their best to be friendly.”

“Hey, Tendou.”

Kase-senpai and Oiso-senpai immediately glared at Tendou-san fiercely. Just as her shoulder is shivering, Mizumi-kun started speaking to me with a smile.

“Tendou-san is right. Amano-kun, the two senpais are more or less being considerate to you. Ay, don’t mind it. Alright, take a seat.”

“Ah, alright. Thank you, Mizumi-kun.”

Mizumi-kun urged me to sit down on the chair next to the door. Then, Tendou-san sat next to me today as well. Mizumi-kun is at my left, Tendou-san is at my right, this arrangement made me a lot more calmed down. Even I felt like I was just an innocent guy.

I felt relieved while almost started to chitchat with them. However, Kase-senpai let out a cough, so Tendou-san seemed to have grabbed the chance and started talking.

“Amano-kun. I’ve briefly explained this before. The reason that I’m bringing you here today is not just because I wanted to try my best to spend even a second more with you. Ah, while it’s true that I wanted to be with you, I’m actually feeling so blessed right now.”

“The same goes for me, Tendou-san. Being able to meet you after school like this, I really need to treasure this time!”