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It was precisely because I knew about this story that I was able to predict Hirata’s mental state.

Back then, he had wanted to help this friend of his, but he was afraid he’d end up getting targeted by the bullies as well.

As a result, he simply ended up watching it happen from the sidelines.

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And then─

“My friend… committed suicide by jumping off a building.”

He was probably beginning to recollect what had happened back then.

Little by little, he began opening up about it.

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“He managed to just barely hang onto his life, but… he’s been in a coma ever since…”

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Hirata tightly clasped his hands together.

“My decisions caused him to take his own life. The weight of my sins will never go away.”

“That isn’t entirely your fault. In fact, the blame mainly falls on the bullies.”

“Sure, but I think being a bystander makes me equally guilty.”

Hirata had said something similar back when we were on the cruise ship. This was the reason why he was always striving to save those around him.

In fact, every time the class ran into problems, Hirata would always be the first one to intervene.