Do you have a docking statement online?

Do you have a docking statement online?

Then they discuss the operation, the expected profits of the newcompany, and M. Saint Pavin's demands. For a hundred thousandfrancs he promises bursts of lyrism; for fifty thousand he will beenthusiastic only. Twenty thousand francs will secure a moderatepraise of the affair; ten thousand, a friendly neutrality. And,if the said company refuses any advantages to "The Pilot""Ah, you must beware!" says Saint Pavin.

And from the very next number he commences his campaign. He ismoderate at first, and leaves a door open for his retreat. Heputs forth doubts only. He does not know much about it. "It maybe an excellent thing; it may be a wretched one: the safest is towait and see."That's the first hint. If it remains without result, he takes uphis pen again, and makes his doubts more pointed.

He knows how to steer clear of libel suits, how to handle figuresso as to demonstrate, according to the requirements of the case,that two and two make three, or make five. It is seldom, that,before the, third article, the company does not surrender atdiscretion.

All Paris knows him; and he has many friends. When M. de Traggersand Maxence arrived, they found the office full of people- speculators, brokers, go-be-tweens-come there to discussthe fluctuations of the day and the probabilities of the eveningmarket.

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"M. Saint Pavin is engaged," one of the clerks told them.

Indeed, his coarse voice could be distinctly heard behind the screen.

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Soon he appeared, showing out an old gentleman, who seemed utterlyconfused at the scene, and to whom he was screaming,"No, sir, no! 'The Financial Pilot' does not take that sort ofbusiness; and I find you very bold to come and propose to me atwopenny rascality." But, noticing Maxence,"M. Favoral!" he said. "By Jove! it is your good star that hasbrought you here. Come into the private office, my dear sir: come,we'll have some fun now."Many of the people who were in the office had a word to say to M.

Saint Pavin, some advice to ask him, an order to transmit, or somenews to communicate. They had all stepped forward, and were holdingout their hands with a friendly smile. He set them aside with hisusual rudeness.

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"By and by. I am busy now: leave me alone."And pushing Maxence towards the office-door, which he had justopened," Come in, come in!" he said in a tone of extraordinary impatience.

But M. de Traggers was coming in too; and, as he did not know him,"What do you want, you?" he asked roughly.

"The gentleman is my best friend," said Maxence, turning to him;"and I have no secret from him.""Let him walk in, then; but, by Heaven, let us hurry!"Once very sumptuous, the private office of the editor of "TheFinancial Pilot" had fallen into a state of sordid dilapidation.

If the janitor had received orders never to use a broom or a dusterthere, he obeyed them strictly. Disorder and dirt reigned supreme.

Papers and manuscripts lay in all directions; and on the broadsofas the mud from the boots of all those who had lounged uponthem had been drying for months. On the mantel-piece, in themidst of some half-dozen dirty glasses, stood a bottle of Madeira,half empty. Finally, before the fireplace, on the carpet, andalong the furniture, cigar and cigarette stumps were heaped inprofusion.

As soon as he had bolted the door, coming straight to Maxence,"What has become of your father?" inquired M. Saint Pavin rudely.

Maxence started. That was the last question he expected to hear.