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「Nn, that is obvious right? Because I’m the homeroom teacher of Year 1 Class A.」

At that moment, the classroom became noisy.

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Naturally, my heart was also disturbed.

(…Yeah, this is the worst to say the least)

This sensei is a little… no, she is a very unpleasant person, as I came to realise yesterday.

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(More precisely, what about your duties as the president…?)

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The president of one of the Five Academy’s holds tremendous social influence and power.

Naturally, it is a common talk that with a great deal of power, comes a corresponding responsibility and a tremendous amount of work every day.

(I don’t think it’s a job where one can afford to serve as a homeroom teacher concurrently…)

Leia-sensei loudly clapped her hands.

「Now, the morning homeroom is beginning. Without delay, I have some important information to share!」

She took in a breath and announced it at once.

「It’s regarding the team members of the Big Five Holy Festival on the weekend!」

The whole class became excited when she said, the “Big Five Holy Festival”.

The Big Five Holy Festival – It’s where each of the Five Academy selects three of their best freshman, and have all of them compete for victory in a round robin event.