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“Secondly, the kindly priced in-game purchases.”

“The maximum amount of money one can spend on Ghost General is 40 yuan. Compared to mobile card games like Qute Three Kingdoms which is money grubby, the fair playstyle gained the admiration and respect of gamers out there. At the same time, the strategy of earning through low margins and high quantity allowed the game to be a sellout while gaining reputable word of mouth...”

“Thirdly, the special marketing methods!”

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“Because all of the money was invested into the game’s development, Ghost General was faced with a situation where it had no money available for marketing! Boss Pei thought out of the box and marketed it through Weibo, causing the game to turn hot within the artist circle before spreading further into the gaming scene, achieving an exceptional outreach effect...”

“I believe that the marketing strategy can even be repeatedly studied as a classic case study!”

Huang Sibo had prepared for this thoroughly and was confident.

He had never once asked Pei Qian the behind the scenes work of Ghost General. Instead, he researched everything on his own through online reviews and Ruan Guangjian’s Weibo et cetera before trying to combine them with Boss Pei’s character and thought process.

That was how he had managed to roughly make out the entire thing.

While he was explaining, he would look in Pei Qian’s direction from time to time.

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‘Boss Pei is smiling while nodding his head!’

‘Indeed, I’ve guessed correctly!’

Huang Sibo felt extremely proud. Even though he did not take part in the development of Ghost General, the fact that he was able to understand Boss Pei’s thought process at the time was something rather impressive. That meant that he was catching up to the pace of Boss Pei!

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While Pei Qian was nodding his head, he was lamenting in his heart.

‘What a brilliant speech. He’s talking about things that I didn’t even know existed in my head back then.’

Below the stage, Sun Xi, Zhou Muyan and the other employees of Sun Strike Studios were listening intently while taking notes as well.

Zhou Muyan could not help but lament that this was indeed a young talent!